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To go boldly where no geek has ever gone before...

This is the peronal part of this page, the part which is about me, and some other people I wanna post up. Most people never look at this part of the site but if you are one of those nosey people, go ahead and read this. Most people that actually read this are the people who KNOW me or just people who wanna screw around. If a certain know who you offended by the contents of my webpage, well, all I can say is don't read any part of this and never come here again. If any of you guys are offended by anything on my page, BE GONE! or if you know someone who will be offended by this page, lead them away from this page. Thank You.


Let's go now to some in-depth vitals shall we?
Name: Linna aka Linna Binna or "Hey You! Yeah You! Come here!"
Location: NY Girl at heart but at the moment, Roswell GA.(Yes they have MTV, NO i have never gone cow dipping!!)
SeX: Girl
Age: 13
Birthday: July 22 - Cancer (like you really need to know my zodiac sign)
Occupation: Currently (s)lacking. Hey, I dont need a mental breakdown before I read the age of 18
  • Sports
  • Spitting on Cars
  • Veni Vedi Dormi - I came, I Saw, I slept
  • Listening to the Voices in My head
  • New York Knicks
  • New York Rangers
  • New York Yankees
  • Whatever can amuse me for 20 seconds
Favorite Bands:
  • Limp Bizkit
  • KoRn
  • Kid Rock
  • 311
  • Orgy
  • Godsmack
  • SlipKnot
  • and more...

Lets jump in the way back machine for a brief history of the world, by Linna.

God creates Earth. Mostly harmless.

God creates Man in his own image (which is kinda sad, just look at Leo DiCraprio)

Man lives through Dark Ages, Black Plague, Spanish Inquisition, and 1962 New York Mets mostly unscathed.

1986: Countries of Earth put their Cold War differences aside for one day: to witness the birth of Linna: born 5 lbs. 6 ozs. to loving yet essentially clueless parents.

Late 80's: Ahh, the days of childhood. Linna attempts to play God and create a Half-Man Half-Monkey. "God shmod, I want my Monkey Boy!" --Bart Simpson

Early 90's: Linna pretty much did nothing for the next 5 or so years, then suddenly awoke one day to find Clinton was president and Spinal Tap was on their third attempt of a comeback.

God creates online services

Devil creates AOL

1999: Because of a transfer in jobs to Georgia Tech, the family, led by the fatherly leader-type figure (Dad) and the bottom line bread winner (Mom), along with the only child, Linna, moves to Georgia which I prefer to call as Hick Central.

Present Day 1999: The Linna of today.

The other stuff:

Dislikes: AOL (the root of all evil), Boy Bands, Georgia, Hicks ect.

The previous is all actually true and really DID happen, except for the bits and pieces I made up completely.

The Never Ending Story Behind Linna...KwaZee SyKo