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Crap About Me - this is a survey thingie i got off a Wes website, pretty boring, but oh well...

Name: linna

Birthplace: bklyn ny

Currently Resides in: roswell ga

Nicknames: liNna, lin lin, linna binna, binna, crapola, olly, black, and lots more

Birthday: 7/22

Craziest thing done: went down a hill with speedbumps with skates

Age: 13

Parents: No comment

Favorite Color: black, blue

Instruments: Bass guitar, drums, voice

Hobbies: Music, working on this pathetic page, drawing

Favorite Food: McDonald's and pizza

Favorite Movies: nething w/adam sandler

Favorite Bands/groups: Limp Bizkit, KoRn, PM5K, KmK

What I looks for in a guy/girl: Good personality, nice eyes, sense of humor, romantic, thoughtful, basically if they're half as good as Wes, they're perfect

Future goal: photographer, special effects

Body art: none

Favorite Emotions: Craziness and Happiness

Idols: Wes Borland, adam sandler

Favorite kind of music: Rock, heavy metal, BIZKIT

Favourite subject in school: PE

Least Favourite subject in school: math

Favourite song: lots

Favourite quote: "Everything's cookie great..." "when life kicks u in the ass, turn around and kick it in the nuts"

Favourite actor: adam sandler

Favourite actress: winona ryder

Favourite male singer: Fred Durst

Favourite female singer: mariah carey

Favourite number: 3

Favourite drug: advil

Favourite alcoholic drink: I don't drink

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: surge

Cigarette brand: i dont smoke

Crimes been committed of: stealing, fighting

Favourite animal: munky, and dogs

Do you want to live?: Yep

Talent: I can draw and can crack jokes at just bout ne1s expense

Favourite cartoon: Simpsons

Favourite TV show: the tom green show

Favourite web site: MINE!!!

Favourite kind of make up: lipstick ?

My sex: Female

Favourite sport: Basketball, baseball, soccer

Dream: To be a well-known bass geetarist

Fantasy: To ask Wes what the real story behind the bunny is

Favourite video game: zelda, FF8, and lotta stuff

Believe in ghosts?: kinda

Favourite skateboard brand if you skate: world industries/shorty

Coolest scar: i have a thing on my knee that looks like a triangle, well kinda

Favourite car: jeep wrangler

Greatest influence: hmm...dont really know, but i think listenin to korn changed my life pretty much

View on the world: It's messed up.

Favourite shirt: My yankees shirt, the #21 one

Favourite shoes: My adidas and nike ones

Would you rather...

Pierce your nose or tongue? Tongue

Be serious or be funny? Funny

Boxers or briefs on guys? boxers

Whole or skim milk? Skim

Be single or taken? Taken

Simple or Complicated? Simple...

Law or anarchy? Law

Flowers or angels? Angels

Picture or poster? Posters

Read or write? read

Colour or black-and-white photos? Color

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

Dinner or supper? Dinner

Rap or rock? Rock, duh...

Stay up late, or wake up early? Stay up late

X or O in naughts and crosses? X

Who should make the first move, boy or girl? Whoever's cuter.

Light or dark nail polish? Dark.

Tall or short boy/girl? Tall

Sun or the moon? The sun.

Emerald or ruby? Emerald

Pants or long skirt? pants

Left or right handed? I don't care.

10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? Best friend.

Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? chocolate

Leonardo Di Caprio or Tom Cruise? YUCK!!! Neither...urgh...

Green beans or carrots? Carrots

Low fat or fat free? Low fat

Ponytail or leave hair down? Ponytail

Silver jewelry or gold? silver

Pool or hot tub? Hot tub

Cat or dog? dog

Half empty or half full? depends...

Mustard or Tomato Sauce? tomato sauce I guess...

Newspaper or magazine? magazine

sandals or sneakers? sneakers

Wonder or amazement? Wonder

Red car or white car? blue

Happy and poor or rich and sad? Happy and poor

Singing or dancing? singing

Hug or kiss? Hugs.

Corduroy or plaid? corduroy

Happy or Sad? Happy

Live or die? Live

Eat or sleep? sleep

Run or walk? run

Are you boy crazy or girl crazy? boy crazy, DUH!

Would you ever get naked in front of people for $100? nope

Do you fall for hot boys or hot girls? hot boys, already fell for one =oP

Do you like someone right now? yeah

Do you like school? Hell no.

Have you ever played spin the bottle? yep

Would you go out with a younger guy or girl? Nope.

Cherry or apple? Apples.

Single? No.

Does size really matter? Size of what?, I don't think it does.

Who's your best guy friend? Jamehl

Who's your best girl friend? jesika

Do you wear pajamas or sleep in the nude? Pajamas

Do you have a B/F or G/F? nope im crushin'

Do you believe in chain letters? no

Would you rather be pretty and poor or rich and ugly? Pretty and poor

What's the most pain you've ever been in? i dont remember, i think i blacked out

Do you have a job? does making this pathetic thing count?

Follower or a leader? Leader

What's the worst thing you've ever done? no clue but it'll come to me someday

How often do you clean your room? never

Rather eat at home or out? Out.

Would you say no to drugs? Yep

Biscuit or cupcake? Cupcake.

If you have 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it? out with friends, just live life to the fullest

Is your writing messy or neat? i can write both ways

How many kids do want? 2

Does anyone owe you money? Nope.

Are you happy or sad right now? happy

How's school? Shitty.

Favourite place to go? Anywhere

Do you go to church? No

What do you do when your bored? listen to music, get pics off the internet and draw em (mostly wes/limp/korn)

Book or magazine? magazine

Book or movie? movie

Ever seen a ghost? no

Do you sleep with the music on? yeah, but my parents think i can go deaf like that

Abortion? No, unless giving birth would endager the mother's life

Do men suck? no

Do women suck? no

Craziest thing you've ever done? fell down a hill and triped over a speed bump

Stupidest thing you've ever done? Too many to count

Bright or dark? Bright.

Favourite radio station? 99X

Hamburger or hot dog? Hamburger.

If you could have $100,000,000 or true love what would you want? true love

What are you looking forward to in the future? a happy life