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Well I guess if u ended up here, u must know me pretty well
the stuff i have on here are just poems i did in about a day
Elf just gave me an idea and i just had a flow of feelings i wanted to express
it seemed like i can go on and write about everything but i got some up here just in case if my computer messes up and i lose all of it
i don't have a title for ne of them yet, so if u get an idea or something, email me with it
- Linna

i feel like im caged up in a cold cell
all the crap around me are like walls
surrounding me and moving in
and destroying all i have
im paralysed with fear and take it all in
its like a drug its addictive
once u get it, it never leaves
it takes over and never stops
until i surrender
it bottles my anger
and restraints all my fear
although i fight, its always the same
the feeling never leaves
it constantly gets stronger
and controls my thoughts
its taking over, i know it is
but one day i will prevail
never knowing when
this torment will end
i just keep on pushing
but one day i will survive
in this cruel cold world
without this deep seeded greed

what is strength really?
is it how much u can pick up
or is it how u handle thing?
u may say things about me
but what do u really know?
do u really know who i am inside?
or do u know the superficial image i cast?
am i really who u think i am?
or am i a complete stranger?
u dont know me as well as u think
but u tear up my insides as if u are me
sticks and stones may break my bones
but u can never hurt me
without knowing everything
i might act in such ways
that makes u think u know all
but how do u know its not an act?
how well do u know me?
u'll never know the real me
unless u drop the act
one minute u think ur this
another minute u think ur that
but thats what u think
and thats not how the world works
the world doesnt revolve around u
it doesnt work that way
u need to peel off that skin
and change urself
to know ur trueself
is more important than knowing me
the more u know about u
the more u gain
and to know ur true self
truely takes strength

when its the end
what will you do?
will u go out and pray
or will u sleep the day away?
i wanna be there with u
when we rest in peace
the warmth u give
will keep us together
the light from ur eyes
will lead our way
if u live to be a hundred
i wanna live to be a hundred minus a day
so i can say
i spend my whole life
right beside u
and wait for that one day
so we can be together always
this vow i take
from now until i die
on ur side i will be
until we both die
its fate that led me to u
and its fate that kept us together
fate will do its job
and we'll do ours
together and forever
thats how it's gonna be

in the dark i lurk
waiting for the one
i prey and hunt
at the rise of the moon
it shines my path and leads my way
it helps to relieve the pain
knowing i can't be with u
im always there
but u never know
how can i relieve the pain
when i cant be with u?
u hated me for leaving
but i wasnt my choice
what happened i can never explain
but the pain it caused
will stay till the end
i often look at u
and remember what we had
the sadness overwhelms me and takes over
the many times i wanted to reach out and comfort u
are more than i can count
the look on ur face
when u sense im there
lights up my day
and keeps my warm on the cold winter nights
but that never relieves the pain
of not being there with u
when ur proud, when ur sad
even when ur mad
i can never make u what i've become
because i know it will hurt
and i can never stand hurting u
just for my own joy
im sorry for what happened
and just wanted u to know
i was there from day one
and will be there till the end

what is death?
is it a way of knowing u completed ur job
and returned to where u came?
why are people scared of dying?
is it the process?
or is it the hurt is causes?
how do u know what we are
arent dead people in another dimension
and when we die
we are born into a different one?
many people attempt to die
and they all succeed
but none succeeded
in comin back and tell the tale
many tales were told
but they're just tales
maybe one day we will know
and not be afraid anymore
why are we afraid of death?
is it was it represents?
or is it something else?
death often causes comotion
and comotion causes death
its a cycle that never stops
and never can be
how do u know what u do wont bring u closer to death?
or are u not afraid?
is there such a thing as death?
or is it just a cover up for something deeper?
to know is to die
and to die is to discover
what does it feel like to die?
is it like being born?
is being born and dying the same thing?
we may never tell
but we will all know when we go through the process
some will hurt, some will be instant
maybe thats why people are scared
knowing the hurt it causes and knowing ur fate
but u knew it the day u heard about it
that one day it will happen
and u will die
but i guess fear rules in the end
and thats just how the world works

i long to hold
only your fingertips
can warm my cold
skin of silk
i long to caress
in this world of anger
you calm my distress
lips of velvet
i long to kiss
were i to release you
my life would be amiss
do you feel the same?
it may never be known
your world of silence
might never be shown
its a tormented life
with out your hand
my hear will shatter
so much to give
so much to gain
a lifetime together
would never bring pain
only forever
can my heart be true
on earth and in Heaven
this i promise you
for now and for always
for you, i will be
there i am waiting
for you and me

The darkness'll intimidate u
dont be fooled by its charming appearance
by its soothin and smooth surface.
it's deceptive.
it'll insinuate thoughts of joy
but once it grabs u in its tentacles of death
it'll induce real fear into ur brain.
it'll bluntly devastate any mental defenses u may have
it'll swiftly overcome all the obstacles u desperately throw in its path.
for it'll not relent.
it'll not stop once ur within its reach
I live among u as a shadow,a void of light.
Powered by ur own darkness,
strengthend by ur own wickidry
A horrid reflection of ur own deep desires
I'm what people fear.
The void that lies between the soft dark pulsing fate that survives the age
and reins as king.
With the night time as my throne and blood there as my wine to drink.