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The Teletubbies and their demonic vacuum-cleaner friend = The Prince of Darkness

Tinky Winky!
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Teletubby eating a dog!

Mug shot of PO!!!

Nazi PO!!!
YOUR children may be watching this "childrens show" right now, and comitting an evil act of heresy directly against God, and ALL of the major teachings of every religion, excluding satanism and PAGANISM!!! Even the poor souls of witchcraft are completely against this movement!

By ALLOWING you children you watch these demonic creatures parade around in the tv, you may be condemning them to a short lived life, and possibly even HELL!!

It is a work of satan that these teletubbies dolls are even sold to the public!

FDA report:
It was reported by the FDA that on chewing and sucking on certain parts of these objects of the devil, you could get sick, and possibly even DIE!!! The parts that cause death are located mainly on the plastic face and ears!!! If you have one of these, or know of someone that does, take it, burn it, and bury the ashes exactly 7 feet below ground! This is what must be done to release the evil spirit from the "toy". If you do not want to go to hell, or the child being possessed and then viciously murdered by this thing, you must do this... It is your duty.

Table of Contents:

  • Top of page
  • FDA report
  • Nazi Teletubbies
  • Mug-shot
  • What the BBC is
  • Noo-noo, the Angel of Death
  • Teletubbies CD
  • Teletubby eating dogs
  • BBC Tests
  • Signs your child is posessed by Teletubby spirits
  • What happens to victims
  • What happens in their headquarters
  • Teletubbies are a Gateway to other satanic things/BBC Tests Part 2
  • New conspiracy and prayer
  • The Antichrist
  • The evil baby sun
  • Contact Info

    Nazi PO!!! The infamous Teletubby known as Po has been sighted placing nazi flags (the ones with swastikas) up all around the world in a vein attempt to convert christian people to naziistic beliefs! This is clearly an act of Satan, and you must pray for this to stop at once! Jesus Christ will be with you in these hard times as we are trying to prevent this nazi movement! As seen in this rare photo, Po is actually raising the flag on a post in a happy meadow!!! The desecration of the universe has already started, we cannot, and must not allow it to go any further. To do so would be to go against every moral in my body, and that is just wrong. We must not conform to their persecuting, devil-worshipping practices, we must band together!

    Mug shot of PO!!! The Teletubby that goes by the name of PO was arrested!

    Po, as shown here in is mug-shot picture, was picked up after a near-fatal high-speed chase by police somewhere in Minnesota for a hanging muffler on Sunday, January 17, and was arrested under DUI charges, excessive use of violence, a weapon in the car, a convenience store robbery, and posession of narcotics! If you see a teletubby in the public, you are strongly advised to stear clear! He may be armed and dangerous! This particular Teletubby was carrying a high-powered assault rifle in his car that he couldn't get to in time! Your life and countless millions may be in sever danger!

    For those of you that don't know what the BBC is:

    The BBC stands for the British Broadcasting Company. It has been widely rumored that this is just a coverup for why they really exist and what they and strive to be. The BBC is after little children and their pets, and they want to rule the world through them and satan. They will do anything to accomplish this, especially by brainwashing and posessing our future generations! This satanic cult was the main driving force through many sinister schemes such as Heaven's Gate, Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber), Jeffrey Dahmer, 3's Company, large sections of the holocaust (mainly corrupting hitler to believe that ethnic clensing was correct), and homosexuality in Africa. The BBC has also performed countless inhumane experiments on a variety of specimens such as orphans, rare and endangered animals, extraterrestrial lifeforms, dolphins, and lawyers (generally marxist). The BBC plots to destroy all life on Earth, and bring Teletubbies in to replace us. This must be stopped with full force! Trillions of people have been affected by this evil cult, and trillions more will be in the future!

    BEWARE: NOO-NOO is the Angel of Death!!!
    Noo-noo the vacuum-cleaner is the Angel of Death! designed to suck people's souls out of their human bodies, this vacuum is the Prince of Darkness's right-hand-man, or monster for that matter!

    There have been many reportings that after people come out of deep comas, they see this evil aparatus sucking something indescribable out of their body, and that they have never felt the same sense. This this is indeed evil, and if you do not believe that, you are definately under the influence of satan! Once this abomiation steals your soul from your posession, it then stores it in its massive storage tank and sells it to satan for profit and power! It is benifiting from your grievous loss! This thing doesn't have that much of a mind, so it actually doesn't get a whole lot for each individual soul, and it basically wastes them...

    Do NOT listen to the Teletubbies CD!!!
    There has been extensive research done in a top secret lab in Australia stating that the Teletubbies CD does in fact lead to irreversable brain damage in 20% of its adult listeners, and 35% of its children listeners! If you hear any of these songs on the radio, you are strongly advised to shut it off, or plug your ears! If you already own this CD, destroy it immediately or someone may hear it and become a vegetable for the rest of their lives! Only a heartless shell of a person that lives without Jesus would want that to happen!

    Note, those more susceptible have been proven to have some or all of the following characteristics:
    Picture of teletubby cd!
    1. Dark hair (mostly black, and must be natural)
    2. A rare third nipple
    3. An easy-going acceptable attitude (such as small children)
    4. Pure Russian or Cuban heritage
    5. Amputees
    6. Lawyers in general, but mostly crooked ones
    7. Pedophiles
    8. People with smaller or enlarged pituitary glands
    9. People without tonsels
    10. People that listen to rap and are in gangs
    11. People that have a fascination with everything shiny
    12. People that like to be awake all night, and sleep during the day (nocturnal)
    13. People that are considered childish and immature

    Teletubby eating a dog!

    This is one of the demonic pack eating dogs!

    These are children's pets, and should not be eaten, under no circumstances! The BBC however does not show this on the air because this would openly show the evilness of these demonic monsters on the television! They are trying to cover up this information! But I have received this one picture from secret spies in the UK that are helping out the anti-teletubbies movement! We must be very thankful for this picture because the spies' lives are in danger every second that they are in the UK under the "behind-the-scenes" rulership of the BBC. We must pray for them just to prolong their lives! These lovable, adorable pets are what make up the average teletubby's meal, and they will get furious if they don't get what they want!

    There are actually farms specifically designed for breeding dogs for the teletubbies to eat! This is a very monstrous act of savageness! The teletubbies are not cute, lovable creatures, they are cannibalistic, homosexual, evil demonic monsters born of the devil himself! Normal creatures don't eat dogs! It is not right, and should not be allowed any more! If you live in the UK and have a dog, KEEP IT IN ITS CAGE AT NIGHT!!! The BBC patrols the streets at night in search of more breeding stock for their secret farms! If you happen to stumble across one of these farms, find and write down the exact location, get the hell out of there, and report this immediately to the CIA! These farms can be stopped with enough evidence!

    Before the BBC (a satanic cult promoting homosexulaity and skinning children's pets) released the Teletubbies, they did extensive testing in the 60's to see what types of shows promoted homosexuality in preschoolers! The teletubbies type show was shown to promote homosexuality in these children and even sometimes effecting adults with week minds! Along with homosexuality, the teletubbies-style show produces many other serious things that should not be looked at lightly such as massive orgies and pedophile rings!

    Is your child possessed by teletubby spirits?

    If you are not sure if you child is possessed, watching, or unaffected by these spirits, just follow this list, and if these are the qualities of your son or daughter, you must alert your local holy-man!

    NOTE: if you child/children are not exhibiting any of these signs of demonic activity, yet still watches the Teletubbies on a regular basis, or perhaps the signs went away without any treatment whatsoever, be alarmed!!! Just because they are not showing any signs of demonic activitiy, doesn't mean that they are posessed, and one of two things are happening! Either you child is doing evil deeds behind your back, or your own love and attention for your child is clouding your judgement for what is wrong or not! This is the devil at work!!!

    1. Your child is behaving strangely at the dinner table by not eating, making grunting noises, constantly staring at different things and possibly not eating his food. The latter has only shown up in more advanced cases.
    2. Constant yearning for TV
    3. It seems as they are always on acid (they may be)
    4. Cruelty to animals, even pleasure in killing bugs may occur which will later result in cruelty to humans.
    5. disobedience is always a big warning...
    6. A seemingly sexual linking to everything your child does in moderately advanced cases.
    7. Fondling objects and dropping things a lot.
    8. Giggling for no reason at all
    9. Wanting to shave their head (Don't let them! At all costs! It is symbolic to their status in the evil spiritual world!)
    10. Excessive whining
    11. A lot of pointing and staring at the sun (this is where the spirits seem to report to. by your child pointing and staring at the sun, he/she is creating a spiritual linkup with the headquarters of satan)
    12. Not much smiling
    13. Not liking foods earlier liked
    14. Feeling sick a lot
    15. Reportings of constant headaches
    16. Falling asleep at inappropriate times
    17. Crying overexcessively
    18. Adopts communistic beliefs
    19. Pretends he/she is Hitler
    20. Shows extreme amounts of interest in evil people and actions
    21. Decides to become a lawyer
    22. Others around him/her spontaneously combust
    23. Hair color suddenly changes.
    24. Can start decoding complex puzzles, codes, and riddles
    25. Talks in riddles
    26. Changes their diet (sometimes this is extreme and they will eat their own feces and other odd things such as frog hearts and goat testicles, and it has been known for some victims of these teletubbies to "conjure" these items out of nowhere.)

    What happens to the possessed and the victims where possession fails?

    The victims where possession fails always results in the death of the victim. The only way to save a victim is, after being possessed, they need to get exercised by a certified exorcist. This is usually very painful, and always damaging to the child and family. This even only has a 30% probability of being successful if caught soon, so be careful and keep an eye on your children!! For God's sake!

    Even after exorcism, you child will still be affected by these evil demons, resulting in homosexuality, satan worship, extreme depression, amnesia, and/or drug use.

    While the victim is possessed, they will be trying to do destructive things to basically anything such as arson (especially churches), bombs, satanic preaching, witchcraft, ritual cannibalism, neo-nazism, incest, anal ###, and worse!

    If you enjoy watching teletubbies, you are committing a gruesome sin and need to be confess, be absolved, and repent or you will burn in hell for ETERNITY!!

    On the show, they constantly do sick and perverted things such as go into their demonic headquarters and have a orgy of lust and incest with their vacuum cleaner-like friend! This goes against every single cell in my body and should be thrown off the air. These demonic and satanic practices should be stopped before it is too late! They are what symbolizes everything wrong with the world and should be incinerated! They are preaching against God, and for their dark ruler of everything evil!

    Teletubbies are a GATEWAY to other SATANIC things!
    Some including other extremely satanic shows such as Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street (homosexuality is openly accepted between Bert and Ernie!), Barney (BJ the "cousin" dinosaur), The MAGIC Schoolbus, Arthur, Reading Rainbow, Shining Time station, and the Comfy Couch! It is very important that you stay away from shows like these as they all have major subliminal messages! You could wake up tomorrow a mass murderer! Those subjected to this horiffic punishment and torture were those of the famous school shootings! The only reason why you don't know about this is because the BBC is having a HUGE coverup so nobody will think that they are bad! They embezzle millions of dollars a day from bank accounts of american people like you!!!

    The repetitive nature of the show has proven to be more effective in clinical studies on caged children on an island off the coast of Australia! These tests were done in the 80s while children were more readily available from orphanages! In the 80s, the BBC controlled orphanages around the world that worked like a pound! After a child being there for too long, they would take them out of their cages for a short "walk"... They would be overjoyed that they got to get out of their cages. However, that ended up to be their last walk. There was always a big guy hiding around back in the alley with a shotgun! In the later 80s, the orphanages were running low, and they had to kidnap small children for their sinister experiments! They usually took from southern regions of Guam, from India, and even indian reservations! In the early 90s, these were reported "shut down" because there was a shortage of specimens!

    Recently I heard of a NEW CONSPIRACY to bring the world to an end. At the end of the 666th Teletubby episode, the BBC will then trigger a self-detonating nuclear armageddon ####! In theory, this will destroy all life on Earth, and produce a dust cloud that is comparable to the one that ended most life such as the dinosaurs! The ################################################################r> Why would they do this, you ask? Well, they will have a spaceship that will take them to the moon where they will set up camp for 20,000 years until the dust cloud clears. By that time, they will have a "super race" bred closely resembling the look and language of Teletubbies!


    Tinky Winky--ANTICHRIST This teletubby is the ANTICHRIST! The ringleader of them all, his name is Tinky-Winky. This is the one that is sending the most subliminal messages and evil possessing spirits out. If you ever see his belly light up, you are strongly advised to look away immediately! If you do not, you suffer a good chance of being possessed, and may burn in hell eternally! The triangle on his head symbolizes satanism because it is half of a 5-pointed star. It means that without the devil, (the other 2 points) he wouldn't be around because he and the devil make up all of the evil in this world!

    the evil baby sun that is actually satan in disguise!
    Do not be fooled by the baby in this sun!
    The baby in the sun is actually the devil! He is just in another form that is more pleasing to the eye! DO NOT FALL INTO HIS TEMPTATION! This is the root of all evil! This baby is just a manifestation of evil from the BBC! When people see babies, they think cute and innocent... This baby is putrid and GUILTY OF EVERYTHING THAT IS BAD AND EVIL!!! Do not follow this baby nor his projectionism of satanic demonic devil worship! Stay away satan! Lord keep us true Christians from this filth! DO not succumb to this evil putrid manifestation!

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